21 January, 2008

How to get NOC (No Objection Certificate) for your vehicle (2-wheeler) for inter state transfer (AP to Kar)

Ever wondered what it takes to transfer your vehicle legally (and without paying bribes) between states in India?
Read on and be surprised! This article is most useful if you want to transfer your 2-wheeler from Andhra Pradesh (AP) to Karnataka. But, a similar process would exist for other vehicle classes and in other states.

The system in India is one of the best (for the people who work in it and for the brokers who make money out of it) and the worst for the common man. Let me narrate my experience (circa 2006) of obtaining a NOC (No Objection Certificate) for my bike (Yamaha RX-135). I had got transferred from Hyderabad to Bangalore and so decided to take my bike along.

First of all, (as the rest of us) I did not know the details of getting a NOC. The web was not of much help which was unusual! There was very little or no information about the process. The local brokers were demanding from Rs. 1100/- to Rs. 1500/- for the job (even with valid documents). Their price seemed ridiculous for the paper-work to be done, but, I would soon realize that the price was based on knowledge about the process / people / places and not on the paper-work.

If you are looking to get a NOC for your bike purchased in AP (registered in
Rangareddy RTO) please follow the steps below:

1) Traffic Control Room, Lakdi-ka-pul

  • Take your original RC card and visit the Traffic Control Room in Lakdi-ka-pul (it is to the left of the main road, just before Westside signal). Go to counter no. 2 (outside the office) and submit an application (write in plain paper, saying you are so and so, from so and so, asking for NOC, to transfer the bike to Bangalore). Get a signature on the application from the official at the dingy counter.

  • Submit the application to the person located at the office in second floor. This person would give you another receipt and verify if your vehicle has any pending records.

  • Submit the new receipt to the earlier counter no. 2 and get the final receipt from counter no. 1.

  • No need to pay any money here (yeah it’s a crazy process!).

  • 2) Police Commissioner Office, Cyberabad
  • Next, go to the Police Commissioner Office at Cyberabad (located next to Lakdi-ka-pul bus-stop) and pay Rs. 100/- to obtain the “user charge” receipt for the NOC. This should be a fairly simple process if the Commissioner is in office!

  • Unfortunately, I paid this “user charge” in eSeva, as advised by the Police Commissioner (Hyderabad) officials. It was unnecessary.

  • 3) Madhapur Police Station
  • Submit the above two receipts to Madhapur police station and ask for NOC application. You need to submit copies of your driver’s license and RC card.

  • The police would give you an application form to get the NOC (Wow, an application form at the 3rd step!). Incase a senior police officer is not in office, this process might take a day or two!

  • 4) Commissioner Office, Lakdi-ka-pul
  • Now, you need to submit the application given by Madhapur police station to the Commissioner office in Lakdi-ka-pul.

  • You would get a letter from Police Commissioner to RTO Head (Yes, we are getting there!).

  • 5) Rangareddy RTO, Atahpur
  • Take your original RC card and go to Rangareddy RTO in Atahpur (close to Mehdipatnam). Just outside the entrance of RTO, buy a form 28 (you will get 3 copies) for Rs. 3/-. Fill up all 3 copies and give the same at counter no. 2 along with copies of insurance, pollution certificate and the letter you got above.

  • You need to pay Rs. 50/- here. You can apply only in mornings, but collect receipts (NOC) in evenings from 4pm to 5pm. So minimum of 2 trips required here.

  • Finally, you get the NOC in your hand (which is sort of a miracle!) and it is bit of an anti-climax to see only 2 sheets of paper (2 copies of the triplicate copies that you submitted) for such hard work.

  • As you can see, I had to make a number of trips between Madhapur Police Station, several eSeva counters (unnecessary), Traffic Control Room in Ladki-ka-pul, Police Commissioner Office in Basheer Bagh (unnecessary), Police Commissioner Office in Lakdi-ka-pul and RTO in Rangareddy district.
    The actual legal cost for the NOC is Rs. 150/-, but I ended up spending up spending Rs. 370/- and about 8 or 9 visits to the above places.
    After the whole circus, I was exhausted and relieved, and felt a sense of pride that I actually got it done.

    Hope this helps people out there like me. Best of luck :)


    Sree Kumar said...

    Hi Channs!
    This is a very useful piece of information. And put with good detail.

    Is it possible for you to describe the process in the Bangalore RTO to get the vehicle registered there after the NOC from Hyderabad?

    Sree Kumar

    Channs said...

    @sree kumar: Thanks for your comment and sorry for my late reply.
    I am not aware of the process to register a vehicle transfered to Bangalore.
    However, if you have the original documents along with NOC, you would need to pay the Life Time Tax again in Blr; change your address to Blr; get a new registration number after 45 days; claim a refund from Hyd RTO for Life Time Tax; etc!
    One piece of advice: Don't trust the touts at the RTO. They promise a speedy process, but take more time and it would be a bitter experience (I went through it). Instead, go the clean route :-)

    prasanth said...

    i have already shifted to bangalore but my bike is still in hyderabd.
    do i have to be present in hyderabd to get this process done or can i get it done through any of my friends

    Ranjan Baisak said...

    I am not sure whether the information given here are all true. Because I was looking for way get NOC for my car and I came across following link, which says


    Requirements for issue of NOC to leave the State:
    › Form – 28 in Triplicate(duly signed by the owner/in quadruplicate in case of Hire Purchase/ Hypothecation/ Lease agreement duly signed by the owner and financier)
    › The Police clearance certificate from the area Police Station or from the CCS Detective Department from the Deputy Commissioner of Police, AP, Hyderabad and Traffic Department.
    › Tax Clearance Certificate.

    Channs said...

    @Ranjan - The link you gave seems to be broken; the updated link is http://www.aptransport.org/html/faq.php?cat=50#48.
    Inorder to obtain the police clearance, I had to submit the documents as described in my blog.
    It was the lack of information on the process that made me run around :-(
    Hope you got your car's NoC smoothly.

    Anand said...


    So I assume that NOC is only required for taking the bike to Bangalore. So, once we move to Bangalore do we need to register our bike there or just paying road tax or whatever is enough? Please clarify.


    Armageddon said...

    Hi Channs!,

    The Police Commissioner Office Lakdi Ka Pool ...Is it meant for Ranga Reddy vehicles only or even for the Hyderabad ones? Basically the ones registered in Khairatabad? Or is there a separate one for Hyd ones ... something in basheerbagh which you speak in one of your responses.


    Channs said...

    @Anand, as per my knowledge, NOC allows the use of the vehicle in the new state for a period of 1 year. If you continue to reside in the new state for more than a year, you are required to pay road tax and register the vehicle in the new state. There is a process of applying for reimbursement of "unused" state tax from the previous state, but I believe it is cumbersome and unreliable! Hope this helps.

    @Armageddon - I believe the Lakdi-Ka-Pul office applies to vehicles registered in RR district and near-by districts (Hyderabad, etc.). But I don't recollect it exactly. You could check with them if you reside in Hyderabad.

    Kunal said...

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    kiruba said...

    let me know where the traffic control room is?

    Channs said...

    @kiruba - Sorry! It's been 6 years since I relocated out of Hyderabad. Honestly, don't recollect the location. Suggest you ask around, that's what I did!

    Chandar Tangudu said...

    Very Informative. Good

    Vikram Katta said...

    Is NOC mandatory for vehicle transfer interstate. What if we get vehicle registered in transferred state after reaching over there. will not be enough?
    Kindly reply anyone. Thanks in advance reply

    Channs said...

    Obtaining NOC from previous state and paying difference in life-time tax are pre-requisites to re-registering your vehicle in a new state.
    I recommend obtaining the NOC from previous state, since its more efficient.
    Karnataka state allows you to use your vehicle up to 12 months without re-registering it.